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Cretan Tradition & modern luxury at OLIVE GREEN Hotel

Nature, technology and tradition aligned! In the heart of Heraklion, Olive Green stands out as a hallmark of quality, luxury and comfort, modernity and tradition at the same time.

Blending the origins of Crete and the trademark of the olive tree along with the top class Cretan hospitality and the state-of- the-art technology, we have achieved to combine the antitheses in absolute harmony. The concept of luxury accommodation you can reach, in a contemporary environment that embraces nature in sustainability and still encompasses the highest level of technology, is breathtaking. The olive tree is everlasting and its beauty is prevalent within our eco-friendly property. No matter how far we go, we always have to turn back to our roots and find the secret of life and balance there. This is what has driven us towards giving life to Olive Green, a place where the past meets the future in an enchanting setting. Centuries of Cretan life are highlighted in every nook and cranny of Olive Green, whilst the top technological advancements provide a touch of modernity that is treasured and appreciated.

We welcome you to an authentic experience, traveling in time and becoming part of the indigenous Cretan life!

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