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Expect a luxury and unparalleled style of stay

Introducing you to a whole new world of sunlight, natural beauty, luxury and unparalleled style! This is the world of Olive Green, with the eternal elegance of the olive tree standing prominent all around.

Explore the wonders of Mediterranean nature, get lost in the historic landmarks that have survived through the centuries and enjoy every moment in this splendid hotel. Whether you are an entrepreneur away on business or a life adventurer, a couple in love or a family in search of the idyllic holiday sanctuary, Olive Green is just the place for you. Contemporary living, sophisticated design and modern facilities, a journey to the senses and a blend of the past and the future, tasting local delicacies with purely organically grown ingredients and relishing nature both outdoors and inside the hotel. As soon as you enter our premises, you become part of the extraordinary character of Crete.

With technological advancements, you are able to connect to the world and travel to the most wonderful destinations, from the perfect starting point that celebrates urban chic style and innovative features. A tablet allows you to fully control everything in the room, from the air conditioning to the TV and lights. You can also order room service and even post your updates on social media. You are in control! Led lighting and multi plugs, in house pillow choice and the complimentary use of tablets, smart app concierge 24/7 and of course the friendliest, most hospitable team of professionals eager to assist you with a smile. This is what you expect, a hotel that is about to become a hallmark of Heraklion, a meeting place for business men and the local community, a place where tourists and travelers from all over the world find their dreamy destination.

Experience a unique kind of hospitality, with the friendly staff tending to your every need and the ambience inviting you to discover the absolute serenity of nature’s masterpieces – all that under the life-lasting glow of the olive tree!

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