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A distinctive contemporary hotel architecture and interior design

Olive Green boasts its distinctive contemporary architecture and style, blended with the marvels of nature. Greenery is prominent in the property, while the interior design is minimal and yet enchanting. Using wood, metal, brick and concrete, the hotel brings nature inside and the result is mesmerizing, in line with the beautiful landscapes of Crete.

Modern, contemporary furnishing within all facilities and amenities allow you to enjoy luxury accommodation on the island of Crete, along with high-tech additions that enable you to connect to the world and still cherish traditional style and elegance. You may get all the information you need from special devices and QR code, interactive display boards, experiencing a unique sense of modern hospitality. With the use of a modern tablet you control the lights, the TV, you order room service or dive in social media posting. LED lighting in the closet, pictures of Cretan lifestyle decorating the room, glass walk-in high pressure rain fall shower, energy saving devices and eco-friendly structures, multi plugs for your convenience and refreshing glass walls allowing sunlight in. The special character of each room is highlighted through the breathtaking pictures decorating its interior. What you see in the pictures, you can reach with the carefully planned instructions from the QR code.

Everything is in sync with your presence in Crete, be it a refreshing route to the marvelous destination depicted in your room or a lavish stay in urban style. A sight for sore eyes!

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