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A distinctive contemporary hotel architecture and interior design

Olive Green hotel boasts its distinctive contemporary architecture and style, blended with the marvels of nature. Greenery is prominent in the property, while the interior design is minimal and yet enchanting. Using wood, metal and concrete, the hotel brings nature inside and the result is mesmerizing, in line with the beautiful landscapes of Crete.

Modern, contemporary furnishing with all the facilities and amenities allow you to enjoy luxury accommodation on the island of Crete, with the high-tech additions that enable you to connect to the world and still cherish traditional style and elegance.

You may get all the information you need from special devices and QR code, interactive display boards, experiencing a unique sense of modern hospitality.

Cretan Tradition & modern luxury at OLIVE GREEN Hotel

Nature and tradition in perfect alignment with technology! In the heart of Heraklion, Olive Green stands out as a hallmark of quality, luxury and comfort, modernity and tradition at the same time.

Blending the origins of Crete and the trademark of the olive tree along with the top class Cretan hospitality and the state-of- the-art technology, we have achieved to combine the antitheses in absolute harmony.

Our vision lies on a concept of luxury accommodation that you can reach, in a contemporary environment that embraces nature in sustainability and still encompasses the highest level of technology.

Our Eco-Friendly Hotel Values

Olive Green has been designed with the concept of contemporary, high-tech luxury, combined with nature’s marvels and tradition. Respect to the environment is paramount to us, which is why we have created a conscious building that is 100% eco-friendly and that works in perfect alignment with the natural surroundings.

Our concern is to comply with the new environmental regulations and lead the way in water, waste, energy and green technology by implementing creative cost saving initiatives to reduce our impact to the environment.

Solar panels, water management systems, green building practices, usage of environmentally friendly materials and employee engagement, are the main pylons of our environmental strategy. We set the standard for sustainable lodging in the city and we welcome our guests to become a part of it.

Expect a luxury and unparalleled style of stay

Introducing you to a whole new world of sunlight, natural beauty, luxury and unparalleled style! This is the world of Olive Green, with the eternal elegance of the olive tree standing prominent all around.

Whether you are an entrepreneur away on business or a life adventurer, a couple in love or a family in search of the idyllic holiday sanctuary, Olive Green is just the place for you.

Contemporary living, sophisticated design and modern facilities, a journey to the senses and a blend of the past and the future.

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