Eating & Drinking at OLIVE GREEN hotel

626 All Day Lounge & City Garden is where the heart of Heraklion beats - a place where you can lounge with friends or schedule business meetings or enjoying popular dishes from all over the world.

Genuine flavors and tastes compose the most exciting menu. Choose among sweet and savory delights, freshly brewed coffee and tea, delicious beverages and alcoholic drinks, healthy dishes made of the finest ingredients of the Cretan land.

Breakfast a la carte, brunch, lunch or dinner, the innumerable options will accompany you throughout the day. Surprise your palate and awaken your senses through the most refined tastes of the Mediterranean.

Our talented chefs and his team have composed true culinary masterpieces and share their dishes with attentive care and a twist of creativity. Follow them to an enchanting journey, where every flavor takes you traveling far away. Explore the magical fusion of local ingredients and treat your taste buds to a marvelous dining experience.

Every night the exquisite bar mixologist, creates magical signature drinks for you. Taste awesomeness in a tall glass, sip martinis and ask for the specialties of the day. Crushed ice, herbs, exceptional liquor and slices of fruit - a feast of colors for your eyes only!

Sit outdoors, taking in the Mediterranean sunlight in the most refreshing scenery. 626 All Day Lounge & City Garden boasts its privileged location right in the center of the city, standing as an oasis to thirsty travelers in search of something out of the ordinary.

Enjoy the perfect combination of smooth accessibility from the city center and unique serenity, surrounded by the beautiful gardens that depict the natural wonders of Crete. This is where you relax, unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city life and just savor the moment.

A cozy and chic setting, where every inch is carefully decorated to match the taste of the most sophisticated virtuoso. Brilliant cutting-edge design, modern twists and abundant natural light illuminating the most treasured meeting point in Heraklion.

Admire the handmade creations on the imposing black ceiling. As seasons pass by, the creations are recreated and offer you the seasonal vibe. A living and breathing canvas, an ever-changing blackboard depicting the mood of the city. Stay tuned for the unique artistic happenings at 626 All Day Lounge & City Garden!

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Liotrivi - Guest breakfast area

Our Breakfast will kick-start your day! Urban chic style, using iron, wood and cement as prevalent materials, offers the unique experience. Breakfast consists only of the finest ingredients, everything prepared with the use of olive oil. Handmade delicacies will make your day. We create everything from scratch, nothing is processed: handmade bread, cakes, pies, eggs in any version using olive oil. Genuine flavors and tastes, an aroma of originality overwhelms you. A special touch every morning: olive oil degustation during breakfast time, where you can taste high quality varieties of extra virgin olive oil from Crete.

Complimentary breakfast: 7:30 am until 10:30 am

À la carte breakfast: 7:30 am until 01:00 pm