Bed Time Stories

room typePOPULAR

Our Popular rooms are situated from first to fourth floor. They are modern in style and boast minimal décor with wide, vividly colored pictures of Crete.

In each room, there is a walk-in high pressure rain fall shower and a 32’’ TV. High tech facilities allow you to explore Crete and provide great convenience. Wood and earthly tones prevail indoors, with abundant sunlight. A cozy place for you to relax!

2 persons
up to 20 m2
1 Queen or 2 Single

room typeURBAN

Urban rooms stretch from second to fifth floor. They are modern rooms with minimal décor and refined aesthetics, featuring wide pictures of Crete that will inspire you throughout your stay.

They include high tech facilities and a 42’’ TV. The rooms boast a glass walk-in high pressure rain fall shower. They are more spacious than the Popular rooms, as they can accommodate up to 3 persons in a friendly and sophisticated setting.

3 persons
up to 26 m2
1 King or 2 Single

room typeOG CLUB

Located from the 2nd to the 5th floor but mostly on the 6th floor, OG Club rooms offer absolute supremacy and comfort. Modernity meets Crete, with cutting edge décor in minimal lines and exquisite architecture.

Abundant sunlight brightens the interior, while the terrace is fully furnished, with table, chairs and comfy sun loungers. Enjoy the eternal sunlight of Crete from your private shelter outdoors, or choose the welcoming shade for cooling off.

High tech facilities add to the singular character of the suites, with a 49’’ TV and walk-in High pressure rain fall shower. Nothing is conventional about magnificence living in OG Club, providing modern, relaxing ambience and highlighting Cretan attractions.

3 persons
up to 30 m2
1 King or 2 Single